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Increase your bottom line with GREYstall – Dairy Stall Return on Invesment Calculator

Try this free ROI tool, to easily calculate your return on investment and see how quickly you can recoup your investment in GREYstall hybrid stalls and manger fronts.

At GREYstall, we are committed to your farm’s success and delivering a return on your investment. The right dairy stalls boost profitability for your dairy farm through:

  • higher milk production and healthier breeding stock.
  • Increase milk yield by 3 – 14 pounds per cow per day
  • 6% to 13% decrease in turnover rates
  • 37,000 to 102,000 lower somatic cell count
  • 15% to 20% reduction in lameness
  • 30% increase in blood circulation to the udder

How will GREYstall improve your operation?

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