Manger Front

So natural she will think she is grazing on pasture!

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GREYstall Flexible Free Stall

Restrictive neck rails impede natural behaviours and cause injury.  A feed manager front that restricts lifting the head not only affects feed intake and feed conversion, but forces her to expend excessive energy to simply consume her meal.  Allow her to eat naturally for better feed efficiency and remove that pain in her neck!

Just like on Pasture.

Cow Eating on Pasture

Ever lean on the fence and watch your cows graze? She leans forward and grabs a bite, and another and then another.  Then she raises her head chewing her mouthful and swallowing.

So why are most barns limiting her natural desire to raise her head? The GREYstall Manger Front allows for natural raising of her head, creating ease of swallowing and less energy consumption on feed intake.

The GREYstall Manger Front has a very open perspective, making feed very inviting.  As such feed intake improves, and new cows to herd, transition with ease. Boss cows are neutralized since they can’t clear out all their herd mates while eating under a feed rail and they can’t beat up on a cow caught unawares eating in the head gate.  When the boss cows are neutralized, the others enjoy less fear – the herd becomes quieter and cow comfort index rises.  Thankfully with GREYstall cows won’t have sores from a neck rail.

Approximate time cows will spend at the feed manger.

Average meals per day for healthy cows.

Typical time lactating cows will ruminate during the day.

The force cows will willingly exert due to their natural aggressive feeding drive against the feed barrier in attempt to reach the feed while eating (Hansen and Pallesen, 1998). To put this into perspective, 225 pounds of force is enough to cause tissue damage.  Thus it is important to optimize factors to manage their natural aggressive feeding activity and optimize dry matter intake.

  • Adequate manger space per cow
  • Optimal manger fence
  • Manger surface – finish and height
  • Accessibility of feed – reach, availability
  • Stall comfort and adequate rest

1Flexible Sizing

Easy to assemble, the GREYstall Manger Fence can fit any size front required to work with existing posts.  Adjustable upright dividers can be spaced for the group – mature cows or heifers.

2Robust Design

All around heavy duty and durable materials. Hot dip galvanized fabricated metal components, heavy fasteners with exceptional protective coating and quality poly piping. All you need to decide is the colour of your cap!